Friday, April 21, 2017

Holding on and Letting go

"It's everything you wanted, it's everything you don't." ~ Ross Copperman

Sometimes we need to let go to assure your place in the future. Letting go sounds so easy. Like dropping a pen onto the floor, not caring to pick it up again. Though in reality, we eventually lift the pen from the ground, using it again to take notes. We need the pen, we need the past, but... we could as well just take the pen on the desk to make notes, neglecting the pen that has fallen. It's hard do describe the way I am feeling now, though I'm continuing to appear strong. I have to leave things behind. No, not just things. People who are actually very dear to me. But change will give me a new opportunity to, what I hope to be, a bright feature with  more opportunities. I know, in the end I will have to let go again and we all have to do it one day. But somehow it feels like a door is opening in front of me while the other behind me is closing. The door in front of me is all I ever wanted and yet the door behind me could have been just enough.

Pants, Sweater and Coat: H&M  - Bag and shoes: Forever 21


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